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  1. How we broke routine and found...

    Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 10:16 AM
    Last Friday, our out-of-town team members assembled from Nashville and Canada to meet in our hometown city, Sacramento. We didn’t meet at our headquarters, we didn’t sit in desks and we weren’t in front of any computers. Instead, we gathered as a group for our first official #WonderfulTeamDay. 

    Sounds cool! What’s a team day and why’d you have it? 

    Contrary to popular belief, team bonding does not have to include trust fall-like activities.
    The best thing about team days is that you get to make them your own. You take into account your culture, your employees and the things that interest them most. You all work together for a reason, and this day is about expanding that reason and strengthening those bonds. 
    Our team day included a room at The Trade, a super cool, local coffee and trade-working building; a 4-lane rental at Capital Bowl and a day filled with stregthening our company transparency and personal communication skills - but more on that later. 
    If you’ve ever worked in an office, then I’m sure you’ve experienced an “office rut”. It’s when your team feels stagnant and your office chair feels stiff. Office ruts happen to every desk-assisted company, whether they’re corporate, startup or mom & pop shops. We believe, as you should, that the difference between companies is not who gets in a rut, but how you deal with it. 
    We had read about companies who had solved this rut with team days, specifically: Buffer and Campaign Monitor. Our plan was to take their original idea and expand it. We wanted to bond with our whole team in a fun setting, while also increasing our company knowledge and our goal setting abilities. 

    Be honest, did it actually work? 

    TBH, it did.

    It completed our goal of getting everyone together for a day of laughter and discussion; it gave us a chance to speak openly and honestly with each other about company matters; it gave us a platform to improve how we communicate and empathize with others. It turned into so much more than a day out of the office.  


    Wow, so it worked, but how? How did you make it work?! 


    We started out with a simple goal: growth, listening and transparency. Then we threw in a bit of "we're not in Kansas anymore" feeling, combined with in-depth and honest departmental overviews, tips & tricks from industry professionals and a Q&A from our Chief Officers.

    Yes, that's right, a Q&A with our CEO and COO. All employees were given a chance to step forward and ask questions about the future of our company. 

    When you hire passionate people, creative discussions are a given. Our Cheif Officers knew this going into the Q&A and requested we ask as many questions as possible. Their whole session was transparent, honest and refreshing. 

    Part of our company culture is to foster environments where people give a damn. We believe that activites like Q&As and departmental overviews create that environment.


    Didn't you mention something about bowling? 

    Oh yea, to wrap up our productive day we went bowling. Can't call it team bonding without nachos and bowling beers. This is the part of team day filled with jokes and camaraderie, which sounds less fancy then overviews and tranparency building; but, in our opinion, just as neccessary. 


  2. Building wonderful websites: A...

    Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 3:52 PM

    Last Sunday, a group of us met up at our Sacramento office and prepared for MTV's Video Music Awards. Hosting the #VMAs this year was none other than our extremely talented and colorful client, Miley Cyrus. 

    Towards the end of the award ceremony, Miley announced that not only was she dropping an entire album that night, but that it was going to be immediately available for free on her website. This is where we came in; the second Miley announced her new album, we flipped MileyCyrus.com live. Traffic spiked almost immediately, and our team managed to navigate their way through the flood to present a rich, new site to the masses. 

    Our design team drew inspiration from Miley's new music video, and our development team went through an intense trial and error process to make sure all the bells and whistles were in place. All the while, our project management team kept a constant communication with Miley's team to make sure all requests and updates were taken care of. 

    Working with Miley is a lot like what you would expect; it's fun, colorful, exciting, fast-paced and experimental. It allowed us to test our design and dev boundaries to build a site like once you've never seen before. With that said, we can't thank Miley's camp enough for letting us be a part of this experience, and we'd like to give a personal shout out to our internal team: Stephen, Nate, Matt(s), Graham, Chris, Vinnie, David, Ant and Meritt - you guys are (as always) amazing! #SquadGoals  

  3. Hello from Wonderful Union!

    Tue, Aug 25, 2015 at 3:07 PM

    When Greg and I started down this road 9 years ago we had no idea what kind of ride we were in for. We took our love of creative and dislike of working for anyone else to make something really amazing. I know it's easy to say that but to experience it is another story. From the amazing staff we have working with us to the great clients who have entrusted us with the most important part of their livelihood and all of the amazing fans who come out year after year, allowing us to help craft the experiences they enjoy. I can't thank you enough.

    In August 2006 ground(ctrl) was nothing more than an idea that a few of us would give attention to on "Beer Friday". Since then we have kind of grown up and went on to launch 1000's of projects and touched hundreds of millions of fans.

    2015 brings change. In January, we announced that we were changing our name and look but keeping the history and team that has made us who we are. It took a a second but now I would like to introduce our team & what we do. Enjoy. I welcome you to Wonderful Union.

    Eddie Meehan

  4. 6 Super Collaboration Tools

    Wed, Aug 19, 2015 at 2:56 PM

    At Wonderful Union, we often times find ourselves working in teams, obliterating lengthy projects and trying to bring communities together - much like the Avengers. And when it comes to finding tools that help us collaborate, you could say that we prefer "super" programs to your everyday pen and paper method.

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